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STATSCORE has been built by people who have been involved in the betting sector for many years. We are leading experts and practitioners with a vast knowledge of the industry. We understand very well not only the common needs of bookmakers, affiliates, sportsbooks and odds providers, but we also know where their challenges differ.

STATSCORE is on the same page as you – we know that your users demand the fastest and the most accurate live sport stats, along with the most breathtaking tools to display them. This combination allows you to offer your clients precious content, while keeping them engaged and stimulated to place more bets.

Coming from the betting background, STATSCORE has developed several lines of products dedicated to that market. Creating solutions for betting was the common theme behind all the products you can see below. We designed them to help you reach your business goals.

Dariusz Łęczyński

Chief Product Officer


An unrivalled source of impressive LIVE and historical sports data for over 8,000 competitions from all over the world. We now offer 29 sports, all provided with a unified data structure and delivered in both PULL and PUSH methodologies. Is there anything more you could ever need?


Our great LIVE feed from venues and via TV is the perfect answer for anyone who needs real-time sport data solutions. Whenever the accuracy and the speed of delivery from events matter most, we are there to provide you with a solution trusted by many betting organizations. What’s more – STATSCORE is the official data provider for a bunch of top European leagues!


Unique set of sports widgets designed to keep bettors engaged and loyal. It’s up to you to select those that best fit your business needs. StatsWidgets allow you to track key match incidents in real time. Moreover, they let you display comparisons, scoreboards, standings, and extended statistics in a smart and compact way. Customize and configure them in the way that best suits you and boost your betting business!


If you want to increase your pre-game turnover from betting, you have just found the right solution. PrematchPro is rich in details and packed with data, filled with stats and pre-match hints. It has everything you’ll need to keep your audience engaged. What’s more – we will provide you with mapping for all events, so your odds will be displayed in the right place at the right time.


The global numbers for LIVE in-play betting have been rising quickly over the last couple of years. To boost your matchday revenue, we developed this beautiful widget. At the heart of this solution lies a powerful LIVE tracker presenting all the key incidents with animations. Following a sporting event has never been more exciting. And guess what – we have thought ahead and built all our trackers with a responsive design to make sure that your website or app looks awesome – no matter what device is used to access it!


It is the crème de la crème when it comes to the livescores presentation. ScoreFrame is a massive competition matrix that presents 20 sports and almost 9,000 competitions, all in one place. This great livescore solution can come with or without in-play visualizations and pre-match widgets. It’s the perfect solution designed to prevent your visitors from seeking results, fixtures and livescores in sources outside of your website.


Take one competition and all the stats from live games, and combine them with standings, seasonal data and players’ information. What will you get? Something much better than a vintage competition’s printed yearbook. The features mentioned above, and the fact that fans can interact with them, make LeagueCenter the online home for leagues, where you can provide users with all the information they need to know to make bets on any competition.



  • Increase your pre-match and LIVE in-play turnover
  • Offer your users a unique experience with our widgets
  • Rely on our great mapping for events


  • Win the attention of fans by being faster than your competitors
  • Offer superior widgets and minisites to attract users
  • Get more people involved in betting


  • Use the feed provided directly from venues
  • Be faster than your main competitors
  • Benefit from a wide range of LIVE stats