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Build with us the biggest sports data center on the world as...
Full Stack Developer
IT Team
Location Silesia Business Park A Chorzowska 152, Katowice
Remote possible: 20%
Worktime Monday - Friday, 40h/week
Start: 7-9, end: 15-17
Holiday: 20/26 day
Type of contract Full time
Employment contract / B2B
Salary 6000 - 11500 PLN GROSS
+ The possibility of Bonuse
+ Annual pay increase
What we do?
The IT Team creates solutions for both external customers and for other STATSCORE teams. We are working in Agile methodology and this means that we are effective and open to the problems and ideas of our customers.

Every day we face problems related to the maintenance of large and modern applications whose functionality are often dependent on each other. This kind of work requires experience and creativity at each step of the product development. We are forced into continuous development in programming, design, writing tests and the organization of our work.
Teammates say

What I like most about working in this team is the professional approach of each employee when they undertake a problem. It's something that gives satisfaction to everyone who works in our team. Besides this, we simply feel good about working together.

Marta, IT Project Delivery Manager

What I appreciate most in my team is the good work organization. A clearly defined plan of tasks for each day result in the smooth running of the work and a sense of accomplishment of my responsibilities at the end of the day. Efficient communication within the team also makes the job a lot easier to do.

Łukasz, Scrum Master

Working in our self-organized development team is a great experience. It brings out the best in every single team member.

Adam, DevOps Engineer

Working in the IT Team constantly provides new challenges so every single day is unique and refreshing. Each challenge is a new opportunity to hone your IT skills and develop as a person. Everyone in our team fills an irreplaceable role and is a unique asset to the company. Together we have one goal in mind. We strive to be the best in the industry.

Kevin, System Architect

Skills and qualifications needed
Must have
Nice to have
Unit Tests
Clean Code
AngularJS, AWS, Chai, Codeception, Elasticsearch, Git, JavaScript, JIRA, Laravel, LESS & SASS, Mercurial, Mocha, MongoDb, MySQL, Nginx, Node.js, PHP, PHPUnit, PM2, Pusher, RabbitMq, Redis, SonarQube, TeamCity, Ubuntu, Vue.js, Webpack, WebSocket
Daily duties
• Writing SOLID code • Writing unit, integration and e2e tests • Code-review • Designing software • Application testing
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Full Stack Developer
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Please note that you have to be 18 or more to work at STATSCORE.