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Build with us the biggest sports data center on the world as...
Scouts Manager
Worktime Flexible working hours
Type of contract Full time
Salary 1.000 - 2.000 EUR + commission
Why me? If sport is your passion and an inseparable element of everyday life, and you like working with a group of people, having good communication skills, then you are very likely in the right place at the right time. We are looking for, a person who can focus on details, have patience and a teaching mode approach. Someone ambitious and committed who can help us achieve our goals. At the moment we are mostly looking Spanish and Portuguese speaking, but we do plan to expand in the future for other areas and all resumes are more than welcome.

What the job is about? The job basically consists of three elements: finding, recruiting and training. You will need to explore your area, find proper people, convince them it’s a good thing to join us and train them be best of the best scouts we have. A scout have to enter the venue and provide a quality live sport relation from the stadium using our panel. May look simple and is simple if trained well.

Why us? We are an international company with an established market position. You will receive the necessary training and tools needed to perform your role. We are a company that cares. Join us and become a member of the STATSCORE family. Help us to build the biggest sports data center in the world!
Teammates say
Skills and qualifications needed
• Passion and knowledge of sports rules (you won’t be able to train a scout if you aren’t interested in sports) • Strong computer and Internet-related skills (you won’t be able to train a scout if you aren’t interested in sports) • Ability to transfer your knowledge (interpersonal communication skills are very important so your prospect can start to train and become a scout) • Accuracy and attention to detail (we collect data, so precision and making no mistakes is the key for scout’s work and he needs to learn that from his trainer) • Fluent Spanish (we need to find and train scouts on Iberian Peninsula, South and Central America) • Communicative English (we really need to understand each other) • Ability to work well in a team environment (you won’t be able to train a scout if you aren’t interested in sports) • Impeccable manners (we work only with people that know how to behave) • At least 3 years experience (in a similar position or in the sports data industry at all)
Work on a big sport-related project
Opportunity to realize your own ideas and solutions
Get paid for a sports oriented job
Enjoy the team spirit company atmosphere
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Scouts Manager
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Please note that you have to be 18 or more to work at STATSCORE.