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About the Job


Why me?

Is sport an inseparable part of your life? Do you love following sports events either at home or from the stadiums? Is there anything better than making money out of your passion?

We are looking for people who want to combine their passion with work. If you are a person who loves sport, who is looking for new challenges, who wants to develop and belong to the largest sports family in the world in the future, then we need exactly YOU!

No matter what part of the world you come from. No matter what your native language is. No matter which discipline is your favorite. Join us because we plan to expand world wide, sports wide.


What the job is about?

The work consists of reporting on sports events, using a tool specially prepared by us. You will have to visit stadiums in your area, report on the matches of your local teams. All games will be assigned by our proper teams, according to your preferences, and according to how much time you will be able to offer to do the job.

Does it seem simple? It is simple if you train enough and get involved. As long as you are a sports enthusiast this work is a real pleasure.



Why us?

We are an international company with an established market position. You will receive the necessary training and tools needed to perform your role.

We are a company that cares. Join us and become a member of the STATSCORE family. Help us to build the biggest sports data center in the world!

Have a look at our blog and find out more about what a typical day of a scout looks like:
What’s it like working as a scout for STATSCORE?

Teammates say



  • Passion and knowledge of sports rules (the more sports you know, the more games you may cover)
  • Communicative level of English (we really need to understand each other)
  • Strong computer and Internet-related skills (we need you to learn how to use our relation panel and i.e. to search for lineups for the game)
  • Ability to carry out multiple tasks simultaneously (we may need to contact you and you still have to focus on the game)
  • Accuracy and attention to detail (we collect data, so precision and making no mistakes is the key)
  • Ability to collect information quickly and effectively (the faster we have the data, the better we are)
  • Impeccable manners (we work only with people that know how to behave)
  • Ability to work well in a team environment (you relay a game on your own, but only as a team we can make something spectacular)
  • Laptop or/and smartphone (you need to have tools to work on)
  • Access to a stable internet connection (we cannot afford to lose you during relation)
  • At least 18 years old
  • Student status would be nice to have


Get paid for watching games

Work on a big sport-related project

Be good, earn more

Enjoy the friendly atmosphere

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Scouts Team