Values and Culture

Maybe we have grown bigger over the years. We might have hired hundreds of ambitious individuals from all over the globe, but deep in our hearts, we have remained the same. Our standards determine who we are and what we believe in.



We believe that through our values – passion, optimism, creativity, continuous self development and teamwork, we can create great products and help others to achieve their goals.

We are devoted to the idea that without great people, you can’t build a great business. STATSCORE is managed by the people for the people, so people are our greatest asset!

We build strong relationships across all departments, just to be sure that everyone understand our mission and that we are all moving in the same direction.

We care about our employees and provide a special environment for them, so everyone can share the feeling that they are working at home with friends! STATSCORE is a meeting place for great ideas and the individuals who are behind them. We are growing rapidly, but our values always remain the same. We treat them as a guide in both business and daily activities.

Dariusz Łęczyński

Chief Operating Officer

Our Rules