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Currently we cover 15 sports: Soccer, Basketball, Tennis, Ice Hockey, Handball, Baseball, Volleyball, Beach Volleyball, Badminton, Table tennis, Snooker, Darts, Bowls, Ski Jumping, American Football.
We have already prepared customised solutions that you can choose from on our demo site: http://demo-livematchpro.statscore.com
Yes, the trackers can be used in Betting Shops, Self Service Betting Terminals (SSBT) or on the websites with a mobile version available.
No it's a hosted solution, everything is on our servers.
In order to receive a test period please contact: sales@statscore.com
We are able to have any language ready for you in 2 weeks time. Right now we have 30 different languages.
Yes we have more than 500 trained scouts, and we're still expanding. If you are interested in working for us as a scout, just click the Careers Tab
Yes, you can choose colours, fonts and design like in examples on our demo website: http://demo-livematchpro.statscore.com
Please contact our sales team, they will respond promptly.
The minimum we need to know are your details like:
  • e-mail address (for technical contact)
  • company name
  • domain on which you would like to use the LivematchPro visualisation
Yes pop-ups can be placed anywhere on your website.
Yes, our customers have an access to administration panel which lets them choose the events they are interested in. There is also Auto-booking solution available.
The company is based in Katowice, Poland, and you are more than welcome to come and see how we work.
Every February you can visit our stand S2-242 at the ICE Totally Gaming fair in London, and for sure You will find someone from STATSCORE at every major exhibition in Europe.
Currently we are offering 10 000 events per month.
You will have access to an administration panel.
In the administration panel you will find a Reports page on the menu.
It's very easy and it shouldn't take more than few hours. On our side it can be launched within a few hours.
On the client side it just involves placing two elements into the source of the website, a small HTML and a JavaScript code.
If client want some customization in the visualization we will need to estimate how long it will take, it depends on the customization level and yet it would not last that long either.
In the administration panel there is an information about the ID of each event booked. We also provide a special XML and JSON feed in our API, from which you can get the identifiers based on your ID.
Basic coverage has slightly less information.
It is just two small steps. Firstly you need to include the JavaScript code we provide you and then pick a place on your website and place the code for your tracker. It is as simple as that!
Make your clients/users stay on your site for a longer time. You provide them with a fully detailed live match event tracker from different sports. Many people are unable to follow events from venues or tv. You give them the alternative and with all the stats being updated in real-time you encourage and supply with a chance to make live bets increasing your turnover.
Yes, you can choose layout, colours, icons etc.
We are able to have any language ready for you in 2 weeks time. Right now we have 30 different languages.
Yes, we have mobile version.
Yes, there are 15 slots available to place an advertisment on (including those visible on mobile version). You can use various types and sizes of ads that will adjust automatically to responsive version of the product.
You will get an access to administration panel. There you will be able to add or change banners by yourself and as often as you want.
In order to receive a test period please contact: sales@statscore.com
We have many customers: affiliates, bookmakers, media and even sport clubs and sport federations.
Livescores and extended statistics with head to head comparisons, over 27,000 teams, over 5,000 competitions and over 1 milion athletes.
Yes, we have more than 500 trained scouts, and we are still expanding. If you're interested in working for us as a scout just click the Careers tab.
All data is verified and supervised in real time 24/7/365 by our highly trained professional team.
Currently we are offering 10.000 events per month (120.000 events/year)
It's cheaper than you think, but due to the costs involved in collecting the data (e.g. a network of scouts, 24/7/365 supervising team, sophisticated software, etc.) it cannot be for free. Please contact our sales team for more details: sales@statscore.com
In order to receive a test period please contact: sales@statscore.com
You will get access to an administration panel which lets you choose the events that you are interested in, there is also an Auto-booking mode available. It is also possible to book event using API service by POST message using booked-events.create method.
Yes, unlike other scout feed providers, for every event we have exactly the same data - according to each sport.
It's a service that gives you access to sport statistics and livescores in XML or JSON format.
No it's very easy, we provide in-depth technical documentation of our REST API and sample code examples, so our feed can be easily integrated into your systems.
Yes, it is. We are very proud to offer the same data structure for ALL SPORTS.
We update and verify our data 24/7/365.
Our product gives excellent value for a small price. Prices start at 500 EUR per month, for more detailed information please contact our sales team: sales@statscore.com
In order to receive a test period please contact: sales@statscore.com
We can provide feeds in any language you require and at the moment we support over 20 different languages from all over the world.