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Frequently asked questions
Yes. There are already some available customized options (templates) that you can choose from. You can check them on our demo site: http://demo-livematchpro.statscore.com
To see the list of sports, just click here.
Yes, the trackers can be used in Betting Shops, Self Service Betting Terminals (SSBT) or on websites with a mobile version.
Yes, of course! Please click FREE TRIAL to start your free 14 day adventure with LivematchPro!
Yes, STATSCORE has expanded network of scouts from around the world. We have more than 500 highly trained scouts and this number is still growing.
All you need to do is share with us:
  • Your name
  • Company name
  • Email address
  • Domain, where you would like to place LMP widgets.
Please, use this FREE TRIAL web-form to contact us.
We have various types of customers, from affiliates and bookmakers to media, sport clubs and federations. We will be honoured if you become one of them.
LivematchPro will look great on different mobile devices, thanks to the responsive design. This means the LivematchPro will fit and preform perfectly on all mobile devices.
Yes, these can be placed anywhere on your website.
We are handling the hosting service matters. The only thing you have to do is paste the code on your website and declare how much visitors are you expecting on your site.
STATSCORE is an international brand. We ensure over 35 languages at the moment. You can choose any of them at this stage. You could also request us to add a language we haven’t covered yet. We will prepare it for you. It takes around two weeks.
Yes. Your sponsors can be visible on 2 banners in LivematchPro.
When you get an access to the administration panel, you will be able to add or change banners by yourself as often as you want.
Yes. As it is written in answer above, our customers have access to a fully prepared administration panel that allows them to choose the events they want. It has also an auto-booking option available.
We will need about few days to conduct preparation process. The final integration is a matter of redirecting the widgets and this is done really quick.
We provide up to 20,000 events per month.
Of course. You can choose events you want in the administration panel.
This information can be found in the administration panel under ‘Reports’.
You can use our identifiers if you want. However, there is an option to use your identifiers, but they have to be mapped with ours. You can do it by yourself or it can be done by our mapping unit.
In the administration panel you can find information about the ID of each event booked. We are also delivering a special JSON feed in our API, from which you can get the identifiers based on your ID.
We cover more than 5,000 competitions with 27,000 teams involved and 1,000,000 athletes! We invite you to start a 14-days free trial where you could check the product range
Yes, the development of LivematchPro is a never-ending process. Just follow our blog to see the latest news.
We have different statistic levels to let you know what you get in each competition. You can find more information about it here.
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