Exclusive data
for odds providers

Take advantage of access to several professional sports competitions exclusively provided
and offer your clients unmatched odds for soccer, handball, futsal, and volleyball! 

What is your benefit?

We understand your challenges well as an odds provider.

At STATSCORE, we know that what it takes to outperform the competition is to have a unique, divided and comprehensive sports offer.

The way to do it is by accessing the data from competitions that:

no other can offer with live scouting data from the venues,

 are attractive for the players to bet on,

belong to the most popular team sports,

secure games played in the off-the-peak hours to enrich your offer and avoid gaps.

Exclusively owned competitions

STATSCORE can provide you with unique access to live data with ScoutsFeed product
from exclusively owned competitions:

Fortuna Polish Cup

Men | Soccer | Poland

eWinner 2. Liga

Men | Soccer | Poland

Orlen Ekstraliga Kobiet

Women | Soccer | Poland

PGNiG Superliga

Men | Handball | Poland

PGNiG Superliga

Women | Handball | Poland


Men + Women | Tennis | Poland

forBET 1. LIGA

Men + Women | Tennis | Poland

Betcenter Futsal League

Men | Futsal | Belgum

Futsal Liga

Men | Futsal | Czech Republic

FOGO Futsal Ekstraklasa

Men | Futsal | Poland

What do you get with STATSCORE ScoutsFeed

Exclusive live scouting data for 10 competitions and more to come

Hundreds of non-exclusively live scouted games worldwide

The best latency in the market (1-2 seconds from the venues)

Clean data structure for all sports

Simple back office to book games and manage your orders

24/7/365 support of STATSCORE team

How can you request your offer?

All you need to do is contact us at feed@statscore.com.