STATSCORE provides you with fast and reliable sports data feeds, which will bring more visitors to your website and attract customers to your business, and let your odds calculation work better!

The speed of live sports data collection and distribution, along with its outstanding quality and accuracy are the features that distinguish our solutions in the market.


Having a highly-trained team of more than 500 scouts all over the world allows us to provide our customers with trustworthy live sports stats within seconds directly to your website. This is the best up-to-date sports feed you will ever find.

With over 10 years of experience,STATSCORE is the world’s leading sports data feed provider and one of the world’s renowned provider of realtime data solutions directly from the venues.

If you are looking for effective ways to improve your business, you need to choose the fastest and most reliable solutions. But while you will find many companies offering sports stats and data, including livescores and sports scores data feeds, we can guarantee that you’ll not be able to find faster and more reliable feeds than those provided by STATSCORE!

STATSCORE’s data feeds will give you the opportunity to use the most effective ways of presenting sports data, along with full customization of the sports tools!

ScoutsFeed and SportsAPI together make up the full offering of STATSCORE’ raw sports data in JSON format to match your product, whether it is a fully working website, mobile app, odds compiling system or TV graphics generator.


Thanks to the highly-developed instant data flow, you will never have to worry about getting information on time again. Your sports data will literally be LIVE. You can also be sure of the accuracy of the data, which is, of course, equally important. We understand very well how hard it is today to build lasting relationships with customers, who have so many options and offers at arm’s length. It takes months and years to build brand position and gain trust in the market, yet it takes only seconds to lose these things. That’s why we are here to make sure that you will immediately get the most accurate and verified sports data in the market! You can’t disappoint your users and we will make sure you won’t!


If your users are great sports fans, we are sure that you want to do your best to please them. You can do it in several ways. One of the most effective ones is by delivering the latest results and stats. If you already have proper tools or applications to do it, and all you need is the raw sports data to feed into them, a dedicated sports API plan will be the perfect solution for you. Easy implementation will allow you to show your users the live scores and real-time game incidents from all over the world immediately. The integration is very fast and, additionally, you will get access to our professional technical support.


Throughout the STATSCORE’s presence in the market, we have been expanding the scouts network on a global scale. Currently, these professional and experienced scouting teams are able to cover each and every sporting event in the world. Thanks to the most groundbreaking technology employed across our organization, they deliver live sports data in the fastest way – directly from venues or via TV with the lowest latency. This sports data flow is controlled 24/7 by high-trained teams of supervisors, so that our clients can be calm about the quality of the stats they get. To be more precise: You can have live and accurate sports results and data on the incidents in your product within seconds of them actually taking place.



Check the finest solutions for raw sports data available in the market. Choose the best fuel for your machine! Independently, if you want to get the extended live scouting sports data directly from the venues and TV, or through the ready-to-use sports data feeds with seasonal stats.

We are ready to provide you with two ways of delivering sports stats to your company.


ScoutsFeed provides you with scouting coverage delivered either directly from the venues or through low-latency TV sources.

What makes this product unique is the unmatched speed of data provision that it offers. All the incidents are coded live by our scouts are delivered in no more than 2 seconds of the moment when they take place (when sent from the stadiums) or within 6 seconds (down from 15!) when collected via TV.

The PUSH methodology allows us to easily send the data once anything important happens in the game.

What’s even more amazing, our special alerts: BET STOP / BET START are sent immediately to protect your betting system from any financial risks. These live wagering sports feeds will take your business to another level!


SportsAPI is used to deliver full sports data sets for all sports, as well as for a selected sport or just for a specific competition.

While ScoutsFeed offers the extended live data, SportsAPI covers the basic livescore with all the key information, while also providing full seasonal stats, standings, data on fixtures and so on, to make sure that you have all you need in order to bring the complete competition data to your users.

This solution is the most advanced answer to sports data needs of bookmakers, media outlets and sports organizations.


Sports API and ScoutsFeed are two sports data feeds with some significant differences between them. Find out which type of sports data feeds will be the most useful for you:

ScoutsFeed will be the best choice:

  • If you want to have live scores and extended stats from chosen games;
  • If you are looking for live scouting data from the stadiums;
  • If you want to deliver to your users the widest range of live sports stats.
SportsAPI will be the best choice:
  • If you need to provide your customers with comprehensive sports statistics, including results standings, seasonal and historical sports data;
  • If you expect easy access to sports data from JSON files, via push and pull methods;
  • If you need a source of raw sports data for your product – not matter if you’re a bookmaker, media owner or sports organization;
  • If you want to be able to choose from the widest range of stats, according to your needs.



Available sports


30 (incl. 3 Esports)

Live data

Competition data: tables, standings, fixtures, etc
Range of stats
Mixed (from basic: BRONZE to the widest: GOLD)
1-2 seconds from the venue, 6 seconds from TV
1-2 seconds from the venue, 6 seconds from TV
Data delivery systems


Not only has esports been gaining popularity for years, but it has also been a major alternative for sports fans and bookmakers in the age of the pandemic. FIFA 20 and NBA 2K20 have become a replacement for the suspended football leagues and the interrupted NBA season. Some of the football leagues have even launched official FIFA 20 competitions contested by their clubs to keep the fans engaged. Many famous footballers have also gotten involved in the virtual competitions, while games such as League of Legends, DOTA or CS became new areas of interests for many people looking for entertainment. For sportsbooks, the esports betting data has become the last resort to maintain their customers.

Data delivery specialists had to quickly switch to getting results and stats from esports games. It is not easy to cope with it and not every company is able to do it in such a short time. However, thanks to the implementation of the latest technological solutions and an extensive scouting network, STATSCORE has managed to meet these challenges and, as one of the very few companies, has been able to meet the burning needs of the customers.


STATSCORE’s data feeds have been recognised and appreciated by top organisations around the world. They have been successfully employed, among other businesses, by renowned media organisations, such as Le Figaro, Onet, and Wirtualna Polska. Our data feeds have allowed them to provide their visitors and readers with the most reliable sports statistics and live match data, which translates into higher website traffic and better engagement!

Don’t let your competition leave you behind. Start using STATSCORE’s data feeds today!



STATSCORE’s data feeds have been created to provide you with the fastest and extensive real-time sports data service on the market 24/7/365. Check out the subscription plans and pricing, and find out everything you want to know about the coverage provided in different versions of the products, and then… let’s just sign a deal! In case of any questions, we’re here to answer!