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Why do sports betting businesses need cyber security protections?

Sportsbooks are dealing with all kinds of vulnerable data on an everyday basis. This kind of data is always prone to hacking, leaks, and cyber attacks. If such attacks prove to be successful, they may result not only in the loss of data and money, but also in the loss of a company’s reliability. That’s why it pays off to invest in cyber security efforts!

What are the most important aspects of sports data cyber security?

The most important aspects of sports cyber security are definitely: one – to come up with a strategy plan; two – to introduce the right tools to ensure protection; three – to detect any weaker points of the defense and improve them.

Is a strategy plan enough to prevent cyber attacks?

No, the strategy plan itself is not enough. What your business needs are the right tools to implement the chosen strategy. A strategy without implementation is only a nice story – you need a story and action based on it to keep your business safe.

What is SEPP and how will it help me keep the sports data safe?

SEPP – Social Engineering Protection Platform, is a tool, which helps to analyze Internet behavior. Implementation of SEPP allows you to collect data about your cyber security, identify your vulnerabilities and weak points, receive regular cyber security reports, check proposed solutions to existing and potential problems, see how your employees manage their digital security, and educate them to get (even) better.

How much does sports cyber security cost?

Please contact our partners from CyberQuant at to learn about the costs. The reply will come within 24 hours from placing the request.

Can my business receive help from anywhere and at any time if needed?

Yes, it can! StatsSecurity is available from anywhere in the world at any moment!


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