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STATSCORE is one of the leading providers of high quality, user friendly sports data. We track, capture, compile and distribute sports data in various forms since 2006. Our data is created by using the latest technology, skills and knowledge of our committed employees, who's personal development and self-realization are important priorities for us.


STATSCORE created by people for whom sport is more than just a passion, it's a way of life. Since 2006, we have provided an extensive range of sport statistics and live scores. We also have an extensive and growing network of scouts who directly report on the progress of sporting events from stadiums.

We would like to innovatively and effectively meet the needs of the widest possible range of corporate and individual clients operating in the sport and betting markets. We want to achieve this by offering the highest quality products using the latest employees whose personal development and self-realization are a priority.

Currently we provide services to a large number of bookmakers, associations, clubs, sports and news sites from around the world. The high quality of our services has been confirmed by numerous glowing references from satisfied customers.

The use of modern technology, combined with effective methods of software development (Agile) give our products and services its excellent flexibility. Allowing us to perfectly fulfill the increasingly sophisticated needs of our customers. Qualified staff with many years of experience in the industry will give comprehensive and professional service to help solve any problems our customers may encounter.

For STATSCORE the most important thing is the quality of the data along with the secure transmission and reliability that we are able to provide with the latest technology. All of this allows us to provide high quality sports data in the shortest possible time.

Entrust your business in the hands of professionals!

Tomasz Myalski, CEO / Founder


We are growing rapidly, but our values always remain the same, and are treated as a guide for both business and daily activities.


Everyday our strong faith in final success gives us power to fulfill our daily duties.

Thanks to this everyday we are trying to build our empire - the biggest sports data center on the world.


Together everyone achieves more!

We are working as a great team where everyone support each other to jointly realize our big goals.


For STATSCORE team sport is more than just a passion, it's a way of life.

Our ambition and passion allow us to meet the needs of even the most demanding customers, both corporate and individual working in the sports and betting industries.


We are building our future around cutting-edge technology.

We invested a lot of our time in deep technical research to provide high quality sports data in the shortest possible time.


We are trying to deliver great, high quality services and products, but simple as possible for every users.

We take care about usability and performance of our service. According to the rule: Don't make me think when you are using STATSCORE products!


Customers are our top priority. Customer successes are our success.

Everyday we do our best to help them to achieve their business goals and solve their problems.


We are flexible for changes and open for any customer ideas.

We want to build our products together with our users, we want to engage them in the process and build something they really need.

We love to hear their requests for new features and improvements!


STATSCORE is managed by people for the people, so people are our greatest asset.

We give our confidence to our employees, because their personal development and self-realization are important priorities for us.


We make a difference because we care about each details.

Thanks to this our solutions are high quality, unique and functional and perfectly fulfill the increasingly sophisticated needs of our customers.



The Creative Department is a place for people that love good, clean and smart design. Our duty is to combine maximum simplicity and readability for the tons of sport data that our company deliver with great visual impact. Like surgeons of design we take care of every single pixel - no matter if it's about creating a small icon, a complex mockup or an entire responsive website!

Although there's always a lot of things to do, the fun part is that we still have the possibility and time to develop our interests. Having access to the best software on the market means we can play with photography, 3D or even making movies!

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The results of our work is not visible. We do bureaucracy – contracts, reports, paperwork but also take care of the recruitment process and the payroll (contract changes, time-sheets, vacation hours, sickness leaves, night shifts, overtime, salaries, additional employee benefits etc.)

Working in the Human Resources department we always try to be people minded and detail oriented. Our daily duties require strong interpersonal skills but also bring us much satisfaction. With training and training courses we can continue to develop our professional competencies.

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The IT Department creates solutions for both external customers and for other STATSCORE departments. We are working in Agile methodology and this means that we are effective and open to the problems and ideas of our customers.

Every day we face problems related to the maintenance of large and modern applications whose functionality are often dependent on each other. This kind of work requires experience and creativity at each step of the product development. We are forced into continuous development in programming, design, writing tests and the organization of our work.

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The Odds Department is a team of sports freaks and mostly responsible for the BetPartner product. We create prematch and in-play odds, manage risk and analyze sports events.

We are working 24 hours per day, 365 days a year to provide our customers and partners with the highest quality products and data. The Odds Department's sport traders and risk analysts specialize in almost all sports, wherever they are taking place in the world and working for STATSCORE gives them an opportunity to learn new ways of analyzing sports events.

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Here in the Sales Department we are doing our best to understand the needs of our customers and to live up to their expectations. We are always available to answer any questions that they may have about STATSCORE and our Products. When a customer talks to one of our representatives, they will find an understanding, as well as a professional approach along with great service.

So if you feel the same and you're ready to work at the heart of sports action, you are more than welcome to join our team of talented, highly-motivated and hard-working individuals.

Just remember:
We love to hear from you!

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The Scouts Department is responsible for the quality of results and statistics delivered in our ScoutsFeed product. We recruit scouts from all over the world, train them and set the schedule of matches they will cover.

To please our clients and partners from all over the world and ensure the high quality of data we provide, all scouts and their results are supervised and checked at our head office 24/7/365. The people working in the Scouts Department are passionate and have a great knowledge about sport. They work here with full commitment and develop themselves to reach their career goals.

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The Editors Department is a group of enthusiasts for various sports, so each one brings valuable information to make up a huge database of sports data and statistics from dozens of sports.

Everyday we capture data from many different sources, both at the elite level as well as smaller competitions, we strive to deliver to our customers reliable information such as team and player rankings, standings, transfers, H2H comparisons, fixtures, etc. Our goal is to provide the best data for television, federations and sports fans from all over the world and for as many sports as possible.

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