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Expanding StatsSlider with new sports coverage!

Expanding StatsSlider with new sports coverage!

STATSCORE’s StatsSlider widget has just expanded its sports coverage to include American football, baseball, basketball, and ice hockey, alongside the existing football (soccer) option. STATSCORE’s StatsSlider is packed with key statistics, team comparisons, streaks,...


Stats and Data for Sports

We deliver data feeds,
sports widgets and minisites for:

  • Leagues and federations
  • Sports clubs
  • Fansites

Statscore solutions for sports

Attract fans and sponsors to your sports organization and boost your revenues with top-class data

Examples of use

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Key benefits for sports organizations

Generate revenue

Leverage official sports data to create new streams of income.

Widen fanbase

Engage and entertain sports enthusiasts with visually striking data coverage.

Enhance ad incomes

Optimize advertising income by providing prime exposure options to attract sponsors.

Elevate TV/PPV broadcast

Enhance the video coverage of your games with high-quality data.

Amplify traffic

Propel your mobile app and website to new heights to draw in more fans.

Boost fan experience

Provide an unparalleled experience to your supporters to improve fan loyalty.

Amplify your sports organization’s financial gains through cutting-edge sports data

Draw supporters to official sports data collected directly from the venues, capitalize on advertising exposure options, commercialize live streaming and offer fans an exceptional experience through lightning-fast data and captivating visualizations.

Sports data for competiton organizers

STATSCORE’s advanced sports data solutions enhance your sports organization by delivering premium data and statistics!

Leverage our customizable extensive sports data and statistics for clubs to convert your official competition website, app, or software for sports into highly informative sports data hubs brimming with detailed insights, stats, and information of all kinds for of each game held within your league or competition.

As an official stats provider for a number of sports leagues, STATSCORE enables you to employ robust sports data feeds, ScoutsFeed and SportsAPI to enrich your mobile app and website with comprehensive real-time coverage

Integrate customized data solutions dedicated to sports clubs with your broadcast capabilities to take fans’ experience to the next level.

Sports data for sports clubs

Immerse your team’s supporters in detailed insights, statistics, and engaging visualizations for every game!

Harness the potential of STATSCORE’s unmatched sources of sports data for clubs, to turn your official club website or app into an exceptionally informative database. 

Utilize our ScoutsFeed and SportsAPI to enhance your mobile app and website with extensive real-time coverage. Your fans will get a club website with a historical database of results, live data and high-quality sports statistics in this ultimate sports data solution for clubs.

Sports data for fansites

Transform your unofficial club’s or league’s website into a magnet for fans by leveraging our top-notch data coverage and real-time visualization tools!

With products like PrematchPro, LivematchPro, LeagueCenter or StatsWidgets you not only elevate your reporting but also enhance the overall fan experience.

Enrich your written content with fast, accurate and all-encompassing data presented in an appealing format

Seize the opportunity to make your fansite a thriving data hub that not only engages fans but also attracts the attention of potential sponsors and advertisers, ensuring sustained growth and success.

Statscore products for sports organizations

Sports data feeds, widgets, and mini-sites for sports organizations

STATSCORE’s data solutions help sports organizations redefine fan engagement and drive revenues.

Minisites for sports organizations

Boost fan engagement with top data centers

STATSCORE’s sports minisites are match centers and competition hubs designed for sports leagues, associations, competition organizers, and clubs.

Provide your fans and visitors with a comprehensive platform containing thousands of statistics for your club or league.

There’s no need for them to search for information elsewhere, securing your valuable traffic. Keep them engaged and enhance your credibility with the fastest and highest-quality sports data available.

Moreover, STATSCORE’s products for sports organizations boast high levels of customization, making them versatile for various applications and purposes.


  • Engages and entertains fans with thorough league stats and data.
  • Built to draw traffic, attract sports fans, and enhance monetization opportunities.
  • Easily adaptable to align with the visual identity of your league or competition.


  • Designed to attract traffic and win valuable sponsors.
  • Provides top fan experience with live data, visualizations, and in-depth statistics on both team and player performances.
  • Customized with club colors, badges, kits, and other distinctive elements.

Data feeds for sports organizations

Monetize the potential of sports data

Harness the capabilities of ScoutsFeed and 
SportsAPI to enhance your club’s or league’s mobile apps and websites with comprehensive real-time data coverage.

STATSCORE provides you with swift and reliable official sports data, meticulously collected at the venues by our experienced scout teams. 

Operating across a spectrum of top sports globally, including football, basketball, American football, cricket, baseball, and volleyball, we ensure the most accurate and up-to-date game statistics through our dedicated scouts working on-site

As official stats provider for leagues, STATSCORE guarantees the precision and timeliness of every piece of collected information.


  • Fast and reliable source of official sports data collected by experienced scouts.
  • Most extensive sports data service on the market, updated 24/7/365.
  • Structured in a clear and unified format, provided in JSON for easy integration.


  • Superb source of official data coverage for leagues and clubs, delivered by scouts at venues 
and low-latency TV.
  • In-depth levels of official player and team data across numerous sports.
  • State-of-the-art technology ensuring rapid and secure delivery.

for sports organizations

Revitalize your content with top-class data

STATSCORE’s sports widgets have been designed to provide your sports federation, club or league with LIVE data and compelling statistics.

Our renowned LivematchPro is tailored to not only enhance sports fans’ experience, with real-time updates and captivating visualizations but also to drive increased traffic, attract sponsors, and deliver a top-notch overall experience. Simultaneously, PrematchPro offers a diverse range of key pre-game insights to keep your audience engaged.

Whether you require real-time data coverage, pre-match stats, or specific sports data such as standings, lineups, and H2H comparisons, STATSCORE’s StatsWidgets have your needs covered!

Monetize your traffic effectively and elevate your website or app to unprecedented levels with our customized solutions.


  • Displays real-time match data through visually appealing graphics.
  • Data-packed sports coverage 
for heightened user engagement.
  • Filled with impressive monetization opportunities with dedicated ad spaces.


  • Impressive pre-game information to attract and entertain sports fans.
  • Captivating tool to enhance pre-match engagement with stats and data.
  • Loaded with features including standings, H2H comparisons, lineups, and more.


  • Flexible tools offering reliable sports data, live scores, stats, and visualizations.
  • Crafted to provide a comprehensive 360-degree sports data experience.
  • Highly customizable and easy to integrate in order to provide top user experience.

Choose statscore as your sports organization’s data partner!

At STATSCORE, our dedication is centered entirely on the world of sports. We provide organizations with powerful sports data feeds to boost mobile apps and websites, and we can equip you with minisites that will charm your fans and give them all the stats, facts and live match data they will ever need.

We’ve designed solutions tailored to the specific needs of league organizers, sports associations, and clubs. It’s truly rewarding to witness the successful use of STATSCORE’s products by our partners, for many of whom we proudly act as the exclusive sports data provider.

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