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STATSCORE LeagueCenter has been created to provide the unrivalled platform covering all competition’s valuable data and merge it with the high quality stats produced by our scouts.

It allows full access to the LIVE stats, standings, squads, pre-match comparisons and innovative events animations.
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At STATSCORE we understand how important it is for the fans to get closer to the game as it is being played. We have been an important part of the industry for more than 10 years. With the STATSCORE LeagueCenter you can ensure that not only during the events, but also pre-match and after the game ended the audience will come to your website.
Innovative visualizations for the thrill of the game
Each key event is presented LIVE with an easy to recognize icon, which turns following the game into a participation on the miracle of professional sports. This makes the experience even more individual.
Responsive design to match every device
It is extremely important to make sure that whatever device, system and browser the followers use to enter your website, it always opens fast and display in an user-friendly way. We delivered a product that provides you with a stable and reliable display.
100% accuracy of the stats created by in-venue scouts
STATSCORE cares about the pace and quality of the data we feed into the LeagueCenter. This is why we rely on the data produced by our highly trained scouts, who use our internal methodology and quality control.
Graphical unity to support your brand identification
We highly respect the importance of the unification of the trademark, logo and colours used for the proper identification of the teams. This is why we made sure that our LeagueCenter might be easily provided with several layout customizations.
Special spaces for sponsors to let you earn
We put an emphasis on helping you to satisfy the sponsor by connecting their trademark with the precious sport data. We secured super attractive spaces, including two bands next to the hearth of our centre - the pitch, that have been specially designed to enable such opportunities.
Promote your brand with the multilingual option
The world of sports never sleeps and it uses more than 4 key languages! This is why we have secured the use of impressing number of 30 languages for the STATSCORE LeagueCenter! If you would like to add another one, which is not available, we guarantee to make it done in 14 days.
Post-deliver support to help 24/7
The dynamic and competitive world of professional sports demands quick reactions and immediate problem-solving. We remain on your disposal, whenever you raise a request or report a problem. Fast reactions and proactive approach let us differentiate from the competitors.
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