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unrivalled access to LIVE scores and sports data all in one place
STATSCORE ScoreFrame is the only solution on the market to offer both: livescores and sport statistics in one place. It provides the most valuable information for your visitors – live results, standings, streaks, competition stats, head-to-head comparisons, top scorers and much more.
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ScoreFrame is a hosted solution that combines both live scores and sports statistics in one place. All data is updated and verified in real time 24/7/365. It remains the most up to date livescore system you will find. This is thanks to the fact that we collect a lot of our data directly from the venue!
Make it easier than ever for visitors
Give them the results for the sports and competitions they are most interested in. Match timezones and offer their native language – this is all included when you use ScoreFrame.
Astonish fans with access to data for over 1 million athletes
This is the enormous world of STATSCORE - over 27,000 teams, nearly 6000 competitions and over 1 million athletes. The numbers keep on growing! We are constantly adding more to help you reach your business goals. We aim bravely at the future with a great database of historical data.
Let your users be the most informed sport fans around
Over the last 12 years we have collected a giant database of sports statistics. This allows us to supply you with all sorts of data, including: head to heads, recent games played and league standings. We can give your users the opportunity to see into the distant past with the amazing amount of historical data we have amassed!
Deliver detailed info on teams and players
ScoreFrame users have access to not only team pages, but also great player pages too. With a collection of the most wanted data around for both, we make sure that your users find all they are looking for on your website without the need to ever go looking anywhere else.
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unrivalled access to LIVE scores and sports data all in one place
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