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We believe that without great people, you can't build a great business. STATSCORE is managed by people for the people, so people are our greatest asset. We build strong relationships across all departments, to be sure everyone understand our mission and that we are all moving in the same direction. We care about our employees and give them a special treatment, so EVERYDAY WE FEEL AT HOME AND FEEL LIKE WE ARE WORKING WITH OUR FRIENDS!

Know us better before you  

It's not only about work

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy! We want to make our employees happy and satisfied at the workplace and give them growth and development opportunities. The following additional employee benefits help us to reach together our goal!

Fit, healthy & happy
Class A
Office building
Work in a brand new office complex Silesia Business Park placed in Katowice, equipped with modern technology to provide comfort to people, and take care of the environment.
With free Benefit Multiactive Card you get access to 1700 sports facilities throughout Poland and more than 20 sports.
English lessons
All our team have access to totally free English lessons with a professional native speaker. A great opportunity to improve your language skills!
Fully equipped
Kitchen/Play room
In our kitchen you can find any useful equipment you’ll need, so you can feel like home. It’s also a nice place to have a coffee break, relax and play with friends :)
Other benefits
  • Employment in company which is market leader in sport solutions
  • Possibility to work on big sport related projects
  • Opportunity to realize your own ideas and solutions
  • Good salary (strongly dependant on skill)
  • Friendly atmosphere in effective scrum team
  • English lessons with qualified native speaker
  • Benefit Multiactive cards
  • Comfortable work conditions in one of the most modern offices in Poland
  • Play room in office (foosball, darts, game console)
  • Fully equipped kitchen (fresh fruits, drinks)
  • Funding for courses / trips / IT studies
  • Integration meetings, trips, parties :)
Work offers
our work

The Creative Department is a place for people that love good, clean and smart design. Our duty is to combine maximum simplicity and readability for the tons of sport data that our company deliver with great visual impact. Like surgeons of design we take care of every single pixel - no matter if it's about creating a small icon, a complex mockup or an entire responsive website!

Although there's always a lot of things to do, the fun part is that we still have the possibility and time to develop our interests. Having access to the best software on the market means we can play with photography, 3D or even making movies!

In my work I still have the opportunity to develop my skills and expand my knowledge not only technical, but also about sports. Nobody limits my desire to improve and broaden my skills. My goal in life was to do what I like and like what I'm doing. Here I have succeeded.

Bartosz, UX/Junior Graphic Designer

our work

The results of our work is not visible. We do bureaucracy – contracts, reports, paperwork but also take care of the recruitment process and the payroll (contract changes, time-sheets, vacation hours, sickness leaves, night shifts, overtime, salaries, additional employee benefits etc.)

Working in the Human Resources department we always try to be people minded and detail oriented. Our daily duties require strong interpersonal skills but also bring us much satisfaction. With training and training courses we can continue to develop our professional competencies.

Personally, for me, working in the HR Department is a huge responsibility but also a great chance to develop myself. Its a feeling of being needed by people, it's the knowledge of employment legislation. The secret of success in the HR Department is simple: hard work and self-education to keep up to date with the relevant knowledge that is needed. Holidays, corporate events and a playroom - is only a little of what makes STATSCORE so special for us and leaves us feeling that is not just about work :)

Margaryta, HR Specialist

our work

The IT Department creates solutions for both external customers and for other STATSCORE departments. We are working in Agile methodology and this means that we are effective and open to the problems and ideas of our customers.

Every day we face problems related to the maintenance of large and modern applications whose functionality are often dependent on each other. This kind of work requires experience and creativity at each step of the product development. We are forced into continuous development in programming, design, writing tests and the organization of our work.

Working in the IT Department constantly provides new challenges so every single day is unique and refreshing. Each challenge is a new opportunity to hone your IT skills and develop as a person. Everyone in our team fills an irreplaceable role and is a unique asset to the company. Together we have one goal in mind. We strive to be the best in the industry.

Kevin, Developer

The approach used by our company requires searching for new technologies. This allows us to compete with other companies that have been in this segment of the IT industry for longer than STATSCORE. With this in mind it is difficult not to talk about the continuous development needed by everyone here.

Tymek, Developer

What I appreciate most in my department is the good work organization. A clearly defined plan of tasks for each day result in the smooth running of the work and a sense of accomplishment of my responsibilities at the end of the day. Efficient communication within the department also makes the job a lot easier to do.

Łukasz, Scrum Master

What I like most about working in this department is the professional approach of each employee when they undertake a problem. It's something that gives satisfaction to everyone who works in our team. Besides this, we simply feel good about working together.

Marta, Product Owner

Working in the IT department and being involved in the front-end development team broadens my horizons. Every day I meet new interesting problems that require creative thinking. The enthusiasm and sense of humour of other employees makes sure working at Statscore is never boring!

Szymon, Developer

I like challenges that are connected to solving complex problems especially when working as part of an experienced and quality-oriented team. We have a great atmosphere here and everyone works hard to improve. It's a great feeling to know you have a real impact on the company's products.

Damian, Developer

Working in our self-organized development team is a great experience. It brings out the best in every single team member.

Adam, Developer

our work

The Odds Department is a team of sports freaks and mostly responsible for the BetPartner product. We create prematch and in-play odds, manage risk and analyze sports events.

We are working 24 hours per day, 365 days a year to provide our customers and partners with the highest quality products and data. The Odds Department's sport traders and risk analysts specialize in almost all sports, wherever they are taking place in the world and working for STATSCORE gives them an opportunity to learn new ways of analyzing sports events.

Working in the Odds Department requires continuous concentration and attention, but also brings great satisfaction with the list of duties that have been assigned. Nowadays our small team understand each other very well and enjoy an effective collaborate. We can improve our knowledge about sport competitions and understand even specific sports like snooker or darts.

Artur, Junior Sports Trader

our work

Here in the Sales Department we are doing our best to understand the needs of our customers and to live up to their expectations. We are always available to answer any questions that they may have about STATSCORE and our Products. When a customer talks to one of our representatives, they will find an understanding, as well as a professional approach along with great service.

So if you feel the same and you're ready to work at the heart of sports action, you are more than welcome to join our team of talented, highly-motivated and hard-working individuals.

Just remember:
We love to hear from you!

The best thing about my job is the contact it gives me with people from many different countries all around the world. Just as important is my personal development and the creativity that is needed while working in the Sales Department.

Artur, Deputy Sales & Marketing Director

I've worked for STATSCORE for just under a year now and I can confirm that it's a great place to work. As a native English speaker my duties include teaching, proof reading and helping out in the Sales Department. Everyone here is just sports crazy, and great to work with.

Matthew, Marketing Specialist

our work

The Scouts Department is responsible for the quality of results and statistics delivered in our ScoutsFeed product. We recruit scouts from all over the world, train them and set the schedule of matches they will cover.

To please our clients and partners from all over the world and ensure the high quality of data we provide, all scouts and their results are supervised and checked at our head office 24/7/365. The people working in the Scouts Department are passionate and have a great knowledge about sport. They work here with full commitment and develop themselves to reach their career goals.

Working in Scouts Department is great because it allows me to combine working with my passion for sports. I have an opportunity to cooperate with other sports enthusiasts, which lets us to exchange experiences and share our passion. Thanks to STATSCORE I can develop myself and learn new things about the beautiful world of sports.

Łukasz, Scout Supervisor

I have worked for STATSCORE - previously SoftnetSPORT - for 3 years. Now I'm the Deputy Scouts Department Director and I'm responsible for the quality of sports data we provide. This job requires a strong focus from me but also brings me a lot of satisfaction. I have an opportunity to combine both my passion and my career development . I think that an important key to my success is the good team that I have. We all keep working hard to achieve our goals and to keep our clients happy with the service that we give.

Andrzej, Deputy Scouts Department Director

Working in the Scouts Department gives me a lot of satisfaction. Pleasant atmosphere and daily contact with people from all over the world allows me to make new friends and improve my sports knowledge. This job is perfect for people who love sports!

Adam, Scout Supervsor

our work

The Editors Department is a group of enthusiasts for various sports, so each one brings valuable information to make up a huge database of sports data and statistics from dozens of sports.

Everyday we capture data from many different sources, both at the elite level as well as smaller competitions, we strive to deliver to our customers reliable information such as team and player rankings, standings, transfers, H2H comparisons, fixtures, etc. Our goal is to provide the best data for television, federations and sports fans from all over the world and for as many sports as possible.

The main task of our department is to provide the highest quality data. The most important thing is everyone is doing a job they love which means they are all very positive about what they do. It's also great that there's so few people doing so much work for so many.

Łukasz, Sports Data Editor

Sports Editors Department incorporates people who see sport as something more than just statistics. Each one of us have an opportunity to learn new things about sports. We are a united team, because we realize that we share a goal!

Ariel, Junior Data Editor

Working in the Editors Department is like a dream come true. I love it, because everyday I have contact with thousands of sporting events from all over the world. I get to know the rules of sports, that are in existence and I wasn't aware of. I have a chance to work with very kind and smart people. The atmosphere here is very family like.

Patryk, Junior Sports Data Editor

Who we are looking for
Required Qualifications:
  • Very good knowledge of object oriented programming in php 5/7
  • Experience in working with PHP frameworks (Laravel preferred)
  • Practical knowledge in in the use of software design patterns
  • Ability to work with RESTful API
  • Experience of working in a team
  • Very good knowledge of JavaScript
  • Knowledge of LESS/SASS
  • Knowledge of OOP CSS
  • Experience in creating responsive layouts
  • High sensitivity to the quality of the code
  • Knowledge of English, sufficient to understand technical documentation
  • Ability to work within a Unix/Linux based environment
  • Ability to work to deadlines
  • Creativity
Desired Qualifications:
  • knowledge of ECMAScript 2015
  • knowledge of nodeJS, ReactJS, WebSocket
  • knowledge of Pusher services
  • ability to optimize code in JS and CSS
  • ability to write automatic tests (Karma, JasmineJS, PHPUnit, PhantomJS)
  • knowledge of jQuery, Raphael, nunjucks libraries
  • knowledge of Version-Control Systems (Mercurial preferred)
  • knowledge of SCRUM rules
  • knowledge of sports
  • knowledge of JIRA, Confluence and IDE PhpStorm tools

You can send your CV to the address work-it@statscore.com with the reference PHP/Front-End. It is also possible to visit us or contact us by phone. We look forward to hearing from you soon!
In your correspondence, please include the following clause: I hereby consent to the processing of my personal data for the purpose of recruitment, in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act dated 29/08/1997 (Dz.Ust.No.133, item 883)
Required Qualifications:
  • Very good knowledge of object oriented programming in php 5/7
  • Experience in working with PHP frameworks (Laravel preferred)
  • Practical knowledge in the use of software design patterns
  • Knowledge of databases (MySQL preferred)
  • Experience of working in a team
  • Analytical thinking
  • High sensitivity to the quality of the code
  • Knowledge of English, sufficient to understand technical documentation
  • Ability to work to deadlines
  • Creativity
Desired Qualifications:
  • Knowledge of WebSocket, Angular JS technologies
  • Experience in the design and optimization of relational databases
  • Experience in Test Driven Development
  • Experience in webservices and creating API
  • Experience in application cache mechanism
  • Knowledge about the problems of building large web applications
  • Knowledge of Version-Control Systems (Mercurial preferred)
  • Knowledge of Continuous Integration (TeamCity)
  • Knowledge of other database technologies: MongoDB, Redis
  • Ability to work within a Unix/Linux based environment
  • Knowledge of SCRUM rules
  • Knowledge of sports
  • Knowledge of JIRA, Confluence and IDE PhpStorm tools

You can send your CV to the address work-it@statscore.com with the reference PHP/Back-End. It is also possible to visit us or contact us by phone. We look forward to hearing from you soon!
In your correspondence, please include the following clause: I hereby consent to the processing of my personal data for the purpose of recruitment, in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act dated 29/08/1997 (Dz.Ust.No.133, item 883)