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Expanding StatsSlider with new sports coverage!

Expanding StatsSlider with new sports coverage!

STATSCORE’s StatsSlider widget has just expanded its sports coverage to include American football, baseball, basketball, and ice hockey, alongside the existing football (soccer) option. STATSCORE’s StatsSlider is packed with key statistics, team comparisons, streaks,...


3 main threats for sport websites

Running your own sport website with live scores, sport stats and more interesting content, is a great adventure and might be a profitable business. At least, as long as things are going fine. But when you’re facing a drop in the number of visitors to your site, of course, your project could be in danger. Let us share our best experiences, gained with more than a decade in the market, to help you predict the worse and prevent it from happening.


If you started your project long ago, when everyone used in the main, good old fashioned PC’s to browse the internet, you might have made a common mistake that affects many website projects, and neglected to take into account the rise of the smartphone. A simple omission that can have serious after affects, as people start to prefer more personal access to the World Wide Web.

All pages that display badly when opened on mobile browsers, tend to loose more and more fans to those sites that are easily accessed, no matter what device you’re using. If you’re considering making a change, and upgrading your service to meet the expectations of mobile devices users, it makes sense to consider adding great widgets like PrematchCenter and LivematchPro. Created with mobile use and a great experience in mind.

Experience more: enjoy the online PrematchCenter demo.

Read more: learn about the new compact widgets for PrematchCenter and LivematchPro.


If you have ever thought that life passes too quickly, you will understand that with the internet and technology, this process happens even faster. The big revolution of yesterday, becomes a common tool for today and unwanted, old junk of tomorrow. Sad but true, and when it comes to your website, we are talking about page layouts, content and yes, how you display your live data.

If you rely too much on what gave you successful in the past, you may find yourself alone, and a part of history. Instead of believing that what worked once, will always work, think ahead and understand that maybe it’s time to upgrade, and turn to the latest, up to date solutions on the market, like LivematchPro! This solution has been created for today’s market, and is consistently being developed and  upgraded to meet the needs of an ever changing environment. Is this why, it’s now one of the most wanted livescore trackers on the internet right now. We work hard to make sure that it always looks fresh, new and cutting edge. We offer a wide range of customization, so that it blends into your website and takes on your company identity, quickly, easily and smoothly. So, if you’re looking to make sure you’re up to date and leading the way! Come and talk to us.

Read more: find what are the 3 main benefits from using LivematchPro.


We are sure you know that providing the scores from the top five sports in your country, is not going to cut it any more. Yeah, it did work, but that now feels like it was in the sixth century… Just kidding, but it does now feel like it was forever ago! Now internet users expect much more than the “obvious data” we dished up back then. If you never change what you have on offer, users start being less willing to come back to you, because they can always find someone who can give them the same data, only faster and in a more concise, compact form and ready to be delivered straight to their smartphones.

Unlike those that follow the rules of yesterday, we invite you to join our never ending story, of the Biggest Sports Data Center in the world. This is a world, where we just keep on adding new sports, one by one, just to keep your visitors thrilled with our efforts. Darts? Been there, done that. F1? Just checkout our trackers and feel the gasoline. Esports? Glad that you asked, because we have them too, served up in our SportsAPI feed. Whatever sport you can think of – if we don’t have it now, it will be added in the near future.

If you want to get in touch to find out more, just contact our Customer Success Team at cst@statscore.com or use the LiveChat service on our website. We will be more than happy to schedule a call and discuss how we can help your organization!


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