What makes us different?

You may say, “hey, you are just another sports data company”, but then you would be so wrong! There’s so much about STATSCORE, that makes us different from the companies you already have known.



Flexibility for change

We understand that the world of sport and online projects are constantly changing. We are never satisfied with repeating today, what made us successful yesterday. With our head bravely turned towards the future, we remain prepared to keep on changing, by analysing trends and adapting accordingly.

Openness to your ideas

You name it – we make it. At STATSCORE, we know only too well that whatever we do, makes sense only as long as you need it. This is why we have remained focused on delivering products that meet the current needs of our partners. We strive to solve your future challenges today.


Have doubts or problems? No need to wait. Use our Jira based help-desk to get help immediately. Your time is precious, so we do our best not to waste it, by providing you with the highest quality care.

Easy access to sports stats

At STATSCORE, it’s the sports that matters. We know that we can connect people and business through our high quality sports data. This is why we put the highest emphasis on producing fast, reliable and enhanced stats to power up your business and amaze your fans.

Perfect design

It’s not only what we do, but how we do it. Our widgets and minisites are gentle, smooth and catchy. Our designers are top professionals who are a step ahead of the market. This is why our partners love the way we display data on their sites.