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STATSCORE understands the ambitious goals of our media partners and their need for accurate data to be presented faster than it is done by hundreds of competitors out there. With this knowledge in mind, we have developed several products to help your business grow and reach the goals that you have set.

We also know that your needs may differ based on the type of business. This is why we encourage broadcasters, news and sports websites, unofficial club websites, mobile app developers and fantasy games providers to consider all the different products that could fit their needs.

Jakub Myszkorowski

Chief Commercial Officer


STATSCORE’s outstanding sports data and sports stats feed that covers more than 9,000 competitions and 1,000,000 athletes! This is a dream solution for your business whenever you need a fast, reliable and well-organized source of sports data. It can be easily used to power up your website and mobile app projects.


If it’s a LIVE feed that matters to you, STATSCORE’s ScoutsFeed will provide all the answers to the questions that you might have ever asked. Fast, easy to integrate and packed with in-depth statistics – it has all you need to keep your users satisfied. The latency of the feed from venues is no more than 2 seconds!


From simple scoreboards and league tables to more complex data – StatsWidgets are the perfect way to enrich your sports-related content! Fans visiting your sports services will be impressed with the quality and scope of data they will find there. Select the widgets that best match your needs, and start driving more traffic to your website by complementing your written coverage with our highly customizable and visually engaging widgets!


Sports and news websites need content that would let them distinguish themselves from the tide of new projects popping up almost every day. Why not impress your fans with some great pre-game coverage of upcoming events? PrematchPro widget has it all – stats, comparisons, hints, standings, and so much more. It would make a nice addition to your pre-match articles.


When a sporting event starts and you can no longer satisfy your fans with basic text coverage, what do you do? Well, this is why we built LivematchPro – at the heart of this solution lies a powerful LIVE tracker presenting all the key events with great animations. Following a LIVE event has never been more exciting.


One of the biggest threats to all sports websites is the risk that fans could go seeking results of minor competitions and less popular sports from others. It might be your problem if you’re not in a position to provide this information. Understanding this challenge well, we have come up with a solution that could prevent your business from losing precious traffic. ScoreFrame is a powerful scoreboard that covers multiple sports and competitions. We can also integrate our live tracker and pre-match widgets with this fantastic solution to create the most complete scoreboard on the market today! What else could a fan ask for?


Providing a competition-related online service means you need to gather all the stats, results and fixtures you can find, and then try to display them in one location. Now you can take a deep breath as we provide all of the above for you with a single click. Our minisite can be easily configured to match your visual identity and secure all the necessary information for your visitors. What’s more, it provides great advertising opportunities to increase your turnover.


If you run an online service focused on a chosen club, it could be a wise move to provide fans with all the results, fixtures, statistics and even LIVE action to keep them happy. This is why we have developed TeamCenter as a great club-centered matrix of data, squads and social media feeds. All of these brought together with our perfect in-play visualizations to make sure that your website outshines your competitors.



  • Win the attention of more fans
  • Prevent a loss of traffic to other website
  • Increase your turnover from advertising


  • Get a competitive advantage to increase your traffic
  • Provide your sponsors with more advertising options
  • Secure an unrivalled LIVE sports experience for your users


  • Do not waste time on building you own solutions – our products are ready-to-use
  • Earn more from advertising
  • Prevent the loss of fans to other projects


  • Get a fast and reliable LIVE feed
  • Benefit from a clear and unified data structure
  • Gain access to a wide range of sports data


  • Do not go searching for stats – find them all in one place
  • Use PUSH and PULL methods to easily gain access to the data you need
  • Save time with an easy integration