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Frequently asked questions
Yes. We are happy to present you the existing customizations for our partners. Once you decide to use STATSCORE ScoreFrame we will prepare a special customization for you, matching your chosen colours, layout and icons.
We have many customers from affiliates, bookmakers to media, sport clubs and federations. We will be honoured if you become one of them.
We provide our content solutions in a responsive design. This means the ScoreFrame will fit and act perfectly on mobile devices.
The hosting is on STATSCORE side. We ensure you a server that can handle the number of visitors declared by you. All you have to do is to paste the code at your website.
There are more than 30 languages available at this stage. If you request adding another one, it will take us less than two weeks to display it.
You are in the right place. With 15 slots for the ads ScoreFrame ensures a lot of advertising opportunities for your sponsors, offering a various sizes and places for the ads.
You will get an access to administration panel. There you will be able to add or change banners by yourself and as often as you want.
Preparation process takes no more than few days while the final integration results just in domain redirection on our server that takes a blink of an eye. The full process may take a bit longer if there is an extra customization involved.
We encourage you to start the free trial to find out how deep is our coverage! We cover more than 5000 competitions with 27000 teams involved and even 1000000 athletes!
unrivalled access to LIVE scores and sports data all in one place
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