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Expanding StatsSlider with new sports coverage!

Expanding StatsSlider with new sports coverage!

STATSCORE’s StatsSlider widget has just expanded its sports coverage to include American football, baseball, basketball, and ice hockey, alongside the existing football (soccer) option. STATSCORE’s StatsSlider is packed with key statistics, team comparisons, streaks,...


Revolution at our doors. New ScoreFrame is here!

I have been waiting impatiently for some time now to write this post here. We have taken a lot of time working on this product in recent months and we have made some significant changes and upgrades. We improved the look, added new features, made it more readable and did some user friendly updates as well. This post would be to long to write them down all so I will stick to the big things while the smaller ones I am pretty sure you will find out yourself browsing our demo of ScoreFrame. Make a cup of coffee, have a sit and hopefully enjoy the changes. I am more than sure you will see a huge step forward in comparison to what we had on offer only a day ago!



Complex live match center

Let’s start the show with a spectacular change that makes the difference on the market. I am pretty sure you know our LivematchPro and PrematchCenter trackers. From now on every client with ScoreFrame in exclusive version will get the trackers implemented! This is not a joke, this is a huge match center being offered on every single event. Every game from every sport we offer will have an eye icon on the right hand side either greyed out or coloured. Once you click it, you will open up either PrematchCenter (if the game is yet to start) or LivematchPro tracker (if the game is live or finished). Greyed out icon will turn into coloured one when we cover a game live by our scout so that you get the deepest coverage of an event you can get. Our offer of live relations gets bigger from day to day and we are doing our best to make those icons shine.


Sport events filters

On the top of the middle column with the list of events for the selected day you will find some new filters. Especially the eye catching is the one on the right where you can pick a country you wish to list all events from! Are you from Spain? Type Spain there and have all games from your country just one click away. What also new is that you can select a couple of filters simultaneously, for example all events from Spain that are finished. If you wish to change your search targets then either unclick the current one or click the other filter. As simple as that!


Create your own sport center!

The left column is also a place where we have completed some challenging work and from now on every user can create his own sport center by adding up to 50 events from different sports into one place. Then by clicking ’My events’ button you will be redirected to your own dreamland, created for you by you! Why to bother and get distracted by other games if you can follow only the ones you wish to, right?


Clicking ’My events’ button opens up a pop-up with a couple of extremely helpful tools. The comfort of following a game is what we aim for and here they are – notifications and sounds. It’s something that’s been missing, but not any more! No more missing a goal or any other game changing factor! We took very much care in analysing process so that you are not being attacked by loads of notifications, just those really key ones. We approached every sport separately so we could produce the highest quality of notifications possible.


Top competitions from each sport

Next new thing is that a user can set up a list of it’s top competitions from each sport separately. Are you from Scotland but you love to follow German Bundesliga 2? Click the star icon next to Bundesliga 2 competition and you will have it at hand every time you enter the ScoreFrame website. ’Popular competitions’ section is defined by website owner while ’My competition’ section is defined by users to serve their needs. We want everyone to be happy!


As much as we love our slider with sports to pick from, we have also received some inquiries if there is any of chance to add an option of choosing a sport in a more modest way. So yes, there is now! We can totally turn off the sport icons slider and you will be given an option to pick up a sport with a more usual select mode at the top of the left column.

In new version of ScoreFrame there are 12 slots for advertisements. There is plenty of space to show what you wish to spread to the world. Just have a look below how it looks.


I could write more, but the main things are listed above and I do not want to ruin all the fun for you, so have a look and enjoy browsing the product yourself. I am finishing for now but only so I can get back to work! ScoreFrame is like a sleeping beast that has woken up and is reaching for more. And there is more coming…


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