Enjoy the benefits of the biggest football show of 2022!

As the biggest international football tournament of 2022 starts in late November in Qatar, STATSCORE has prepared special bundles of products that will allow your online business to reach its ambitious goals.


If you want to engage your users, provide them with sports entertainment and familiarize them with your special offers while they follow the greatest games, you are in the right place.

Attract new users!

You know very well that this is a tournament like no other. It gathers the biggest audience of spectators in the world of sport. It also has the power to attract many casual sports fans. This is your unique chance to enrich your target group and empower your brand by reaching an audience which you do not have the chance to engage on other occasions.

If not now, when? It will be at least another 4 years until the next chance comes!

Don’t allow your competitors to leave you behind.

Let STATSCORE help you outsmart the industry.

What are your benefits?


  • Adds PrematchHints with BetSlips to your offer

  • Provides thousands of stats to engage your users

  • For those that like to place in-play bets, it provides inspiring game presentations


  • Entertaining insights into the tournament with beautifully presented visualizations that will impress viewers

  • Fast livescores and a rich database of stats to engage your users

  • Ready-made products with lots of advertising options for your sponsors


  • Easy integration of the products with industry-leading affiliation programs

  • Wide choice of products to match your specific needs

  • Simple back-office and easy reporting to let you track your results


We prepared 4 different products in various packages. Check it out!

CupCenter   |   StatsWidgets   |   SportsAPI   |   ScoutsFeed


Revolutionary match center with animated visualisations of all games.
Tons of stats, standings, and players’ info included.
You can boost your results with integrated PrematchHints.

What do you get?

  • Powerful matchcenter with LIVE animations, fixtures, standings, tournament, team and player stats and more!
  • Easy to use as a standalone link or embedded using an iframe
  • PrematchHints integrated with your offer through BetSlips (on demand)
  • Possible match streaming integration (if you have the rights secured)

When to choose?

  • When you need a fully-working competition center for a media website. CupCenter comes with lots of advertising opportunities for your sponsors
  • When you want to redirect users quickly from games to betting coupons or other dedicated offers on your betting website


  • CupCenter:
    3,500 EUR

  • CupCenter with PrematchHints:
    5,000 EUR


Hundreds of easy-to-customize widgets to enhance your coverage.
Each widget can be created online and published in less than 3 minutes!
Add PrematchHints and let the numbers rise.

What do you get?

  • Hundreds of fully customizable widgets to cover different aspects of the tournament, teams and games
  • Easy to decide which widget to pick for a different goal and a specific space
  • Unique design to let you stand out from your competitors
  • PrematchHints integrated with your offer through BetSlips (on demand)

When to choose?

  • When you want to enrich your media editorials with lots of visual materials powered by rich data sets
  • When you aim at inspiring your visitors to make betting choices based on the provided knowledge


  • StatsWidgets:
    1,500 EUR

  • StatsWidgets with PrematchHints:
    3,000 EUR


All current tournament and historical data come in JSON format.
Allowing you to power up your webpage, mobile app or infographics with detailed players’ data.

What do you get?

  • A high level of data for this tournament, the preliminary round and the previous tournament
  • Possibility to add livescores, if you wish to make sure that your users are always up to date with the latest results
  • All the squads, lineups, fixtures, and more are easily accessible

When to choose?

  • If you want to build a product for the tournament (webpage, widgets, mobile app)
  • When you need to save time on integration with straightforward product documentation and 24/7/365 Support


  • SportsAPI Gold:
    1,000 EUR

  • SportsAPI Gold with LiveScores:
    1,250 EUR


Live scouting coverage based on low-latency TV feed for every game of the tournament.
You get detailed information on the key incidents and lots of parameters for the players.

What do you get?

  • Every game of the tournament, covered live by STATSCORE’s top scouts (TV source)
  • Extended details of events and incidents
  • Ball-tracking
  • Low-latency and high-accuracy data

When to choose?

  • To enable in-house training and set numerous odds
  • When you plan to display detailed information from every game LIVE, in an online project or mobile app
  • When you need to focus on the LIVE games contextualization with sports data


  • ScoutsFeed:
    1,000 EUR


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