Power up your Sportsbook Provider’s offer with STATSCORE sports widgets!
Proven solutions for Sportsbook Providers in need of live scouting data and entertaining visualizations of sports events for their clients!

Benefits for your sportsbook platform

STATSCORE’s smart widgets, outstanding match visualizations, and exhaustive statistics take sportsbooks’ platforms to a higher level.
Below you can learn more about the benefits they bring!

Live game visualizations

Perfectly tailored for desktop and mobile use, providing top-notch sports data from numerous sports, designed to inspire more bets!

Widgets with H2H and historical data

Easily customizable source of exhaustive data and advanced statistics to inspire more pre-match betting!

Live scouting data from venues

Reliable and extremely fast live sports data delivered by teams of professional scouts straight from the venues.


No one in the industry understands your business better than STATSCORE, as we have been working with leading Sportsbook Providers for years by providing them with our sports data, live scouting feed and visualizations.

What makes up STATSCORE’s frontend bundle for Sportsbook Providers


The newest version of STATSCORE’s exciting sports events visualizations set to inspire more live bets!


Rich-in-data pre-match sports widget that delivers all the info bettors need to place a wager before a game starts!



A wide range of brand new, easily customizable sports widgets to power up affiliation websites!



A powerful live-score center that keeps users on your clients’ website!


What is STATSCORE’s place in the Sportsbook Platform ecosystem?

STATSCORE provides
comprehensive solutions by delivering sports widgets, minisites, and raw data directly to sportsbook platforms. Moreover, we supply LIVE scouting data to odds providers, which employ it in the process of creating betting odds. All of these solutions are then offered by sportsbooks to bookmakers.

What does it mean to provide a Sportsbook Platform? 1/5

Your platform integrates services and products from different providers so you
can offer a tailor-made product to bookmakers

What does it mean to provide a Sportsbook Platform? 2/5

You work with leads from all around the world – each has different needs and challenges

What does it mean to provide a Sportsbook Platform? 3/5

You need to secure a fully integrated solution that allows your clients to start earning from day one

What does it mean to provide a Sportsbook Platform? 4/5

You need the perfect solution for live game visualizations and inspiring widgets with H2H and historical data for pre-match betting

What does it mean to provide a Sportsbook Platform? 5/5

You need your business to be safe and sound by using reliable and extremely fast live scouting data from venues

What does the integration process look like in 3 easy steps?

step 1

For your dedicated offer please contact us.

We will answer on the same day!

step 2

Based on understanding your detailed needs we will tailor a plan for you within 48 hours.

Now it is your time to analyze and confirm.

step 3

See the integration kick in and let us prepare your enhanced platform together.

This process can take up to 14 days, depending on the technical needs.


What’s the cost?

Contact us at and let us know about your needs and the size of the project. We can then tailor the best offer for you and your clients.

What are the pros of signing with STATSCORE?

Let us point out just a couple of key advantages:

  • You get a better single license price for your clients because you are purchasing multiple products
  • You benefit from every update of the product and all new features at no additional cost involved
  • Support is on hand 24/7/365 to back you whenever you need it
  • You can influence how the products evolve and which sports are added!

Can I choose only one product?

Of course. It is up to you. Just let us know what your needs are at and we will respond with the best possible offer tailored just for you!

I need to arrange a demo for my clients

Let us handle it. We can book an online call where we will show you all the perks of our products and guide you and your clients step by step.

Can I try the products before I buy them?

Of course, you can. Just fill the form here: CONTACT US