STATSCORE coverage is our pride as it is:

  • Extensive – we keep on adding new competitions and training new scouts
  • Flexible – you name your need we analyse how quick we can add it to our offer
  • Fairly priced – the more you order the less you pay per game
  • Inspired – by your needs and the challenges your project faces
  • Creative – we analyze the market trends to be one step ahead of competition
  • International – more than 60 world competitions already covered and more to come!
  • Endless – we provide LIVE games whole night and day for you
  • Newfangled – the technology behind the product is cutting edge
  • Tailored – to meet the demands of betting business

STATSCORE ScoutsFeed Events Coverage

The file contains a full list of competitions available in ScoutsFeed with the number of games covered up to 18.05.2021.



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