ScoutsFeed as a product dedicated to the sports betting vertical is pretty young. We are unable to offer 10k+ games per month as of now, but what we can assure is that the numbers will keep growing every single month. We truly believe that operators and betting platforms worldwide do have a choice in picking their sports data providers. We know we can serve as a complementary supplier or a backup source.  

But our feed is not dedicated solely to the betting industry. We have also launched an additional version of our feed with an average of 10-12 seconds latency that is perfectly tailored for media organisations. This provides wider coverage, more in-depth sports data content from top-tier sports and competitions, and a much more appealing price! 

Our sustainable growth strategy and strong faith in the quality of our products make us believe that STATSCORE will soon become one of the biggest live sports data providers worldwide. We highly encourage you to get on board now and let us grow together!

Available sports (10)

STATSCORE ScoutsFeed Events Coverage

The file contains a full list of competitions covered by our scouts either from the venue or from TV
with the precise number of games
offered to our partners until today.